Rusty Toothbrush releases episode 2 of the FLAV series. In this episode, Alex Stewart whips out the first ever snowboard boomerang at Mt. Hotham in Australia. He grinds, slides, flips, and twists the thing to pieces, including jibs even on a didgeridoo. Enjoy another funny edit from the boys at Rusty Toothbrush and stay tuned for episode three.

From Rusty Toothbrush:

The boomerang has long been acknowledged as the traditional hunting weapon of Australia.
Time has not been kind to the boomerang, found in the souvenir shops of airport departure lounges, a nice gift for granny to hang on her wall but no longer considered a potentially lethal weapon.
We felt it is time to reinvent and reintroduce to the world the once mighty boomerang!
Ever imagined what might happen if you were to combine a boomerang with a snowboard?”
Well Rusty Toothbrush did and have since pioneered of the first ever ‘Snowboard Boomerang’ Professional New Zealand snowboarder Alex Stewart disguised as an Australian takes this odd new invention through it’s passes at Mt Hotham, Australia.
“Weirdest thing to happen to snowboarding since eva” – all Australians

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