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Внимание ОТПУСК с 01.01.2023

Уважаемые клиенты мы уходим в отпуск на 1 месяц с 30.12.2022 по 02.02.2023 года. будьте внимательны и заказывайте сноуборд наклейки до 20.11.2023 года, после этой даты, мы не сможем вам отправить наклейки, и будем принимать заказы и оплату, но отгрузки производить, ТОЛЬКО ПОСЛЕ 06.02.2023 года.   Купить сноуборд наклейку Футурама Бендер :-)

Jones Aviator 2.0 2022 Snowboard Review

Jones Aviator 2.0 2022 Snowboard Review   CAMBER! We take it for granted these days, but it’s still just about the best invention since an unheralded caveman’s overzealous demonstration of Where Babies Come From caused the sticks he was using as props to set alight, thus changing the course of human history forever.    

Yes 420 Snowboard 2020 Review

Yes 420 Snowboard 2020 Review The Yes 420 is one of the (as far as I know the first) boards to make the short and wide style popular. It has a short length, and a super wide width that means it has roughly the same surface area of a 160cm board, so you get all [...]

The Top 5 Most Hyped Snowboards for 2021-2022

The Top 5 Most Hyped Snowboards for 2021-2022 Welcome to Top 5's where your host decides what their top 5 picks are. You might agree with them, you might disagree with them, but the fact of the matter is you're watching them. In this episode Avran breaks down the Top 5 boards that are guaranteed [...]

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