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Ride Superpig 2020 Snowboard Rider Review

Overview Features Key Features Directional Hybrid Camber Bi-Radial Sidecut Carbon Slimewalls® Core Performance™ Core Thin Construction Tapered Tips Laminates Carbon Infused Fiberglass Carbon Array 5 Carbon Stringers Double Impact Plates Base Sintered Low Friction Race Base Details Topless Topsheet Construction Cleave Edge™ Roll In Slimewalls®: Fiberglass Casing 3 Year Warranty Key Features Directional Hybrid Camber

Какие наклейки производит компания Royllent

Если вы решили купить себе новый дизайн на доску, у вас есть возможность обратиться к самому крупному производителю Сноуборд наклеек в компанию Royllent Посмотрите данное видео для понимания того как мы производим наклейки и возможность заработать всем кто занимается скисервисом.

2020 Snowboards We Cant Wait To Ride!

In this video we want to share with your ten new 2020 snowboards that we're looking forward to ride this summer. We're heading to the High Cascade Snowboard Camp for session 1 & 3 and one of the best part of camp is the chance to demo new 2020 snowboards. Kevin's 2020 Snowboards Ride Twin

Jones Frontier 2020 Snowboard Rider Review

A new board to the Jones line for 2020, the Frontier is a directional freeride board that features a friendly flex and a directional rocker profile. Complete with a progressive sidecut and Traction Tech, this board is ideal for riding all conditions. Take a sneak peek at what's new from Jones Snowboards for winter 19/20.

Top 5 Do-It-All Style Snowboards 2019

WOMEN'S PICKS BURTON FEELGOOD: https://goo.gl/u2Qvro ARBOR SWOON: https://goo.gl/6sFJvK CAPITA BIRDS OF A FEATHER: https://goo.gl/HqM2GU GNU LADIES CHOICE: https://goo.gl/qK1qnH TJ'S GEAR UNION STRATA BINDING: https://goo.gl/ph3zey SMITH GOGGLES: https://goo.gl/Tm16Kp HOODIE: http://boardarchive.com/shop ADIDAS TACTICAL BOOTS: https://goo.gl/qVjSaK VOLCOM PANTS: https://goo.gl/FJstNY TEAM HOOD: https://goo.gl/ny4J2R The snowboards you'll find on this list are going to be solid, one snowboard solutions for

Увеличение стоимости сноуборд наклеек

Если вы хотите сменить дизайн сноуборда, помните, что каждый сезон цены повышаются, и желательно приобретить до начала сезона. Обычно цены повышаются на 20-30 % каждый сезон.

Lib Tech TRice Pro HP (2019) Full Review Обзор сноуборда

Intro Designed by the best freestyle snowboarder on the planet, the T.Rice Pro HP is an all-mountain snowboard If you haven't heard of Travis Rice, time to get out from under your rock. The first board in the series designed in collaboration between Mervin Manufacturer and Travis Rice. An all-mountain board with a true twin

Капита заявила о 2020 Capita Super Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard Review

2020 Capita Super Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard Review Introducing the all-new Capita Super DOA. As if the coveted Defenders of Awesome couldn't get any better, the crew at Capita has designed a supercharged version that is built for all-mountain destruction. Featuring the highest end technical attributes available at The Mothership, the Super DOA is faster

Обзор сноуборда EJACK KNIFE SNOWBOARD 2018-2019 | LIB TECH

Обзор сноуборда EJACK KNIFE SNOWBOARD 2018-2019 | LIB TECH Eric Jackson has ridden it all, from growing up in the park at Mammoth, to the steepest deepest BC and AK. He knows just what he wants in a dream snowboard. The E Jack Knife is a directional C3 cambered board with a smooth extended entry

2019 Nitro Prime Wide Snowboard

2019 Nitro Prime Wide Snowboard Description: Nitro Prime Toxic Snowboard Send it past the learning curve with our progression friendly, and catch-free All Mountain men´s snowboard – like your best friend the Prime´s stability always has your back. The Prime offers easy riding and control to help you progress with ease. The progression-friendly Directional Shape

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