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2021 Burton “Classic” Snowboards Sneak Peek

Guf and Jayson walk through some of the classics deck within the Burton lineup for the 2021 season. These are some of the best boards Burton has to offer. The process is looking good with the bear graphics. The Thinker series have a crazy look this year but the guts haven't changed much from previous

Jones Hovercraft Japan Powder Test & Snowboard Review

Jones Hovercraft Japan Powder Test & Snowboard Review The Jones Hovercraft is a snowboard designed to float and glide in powder, while still being a powerhouse on the hardpack for charging and carving. You're going to find all the directional features you would expect in this style of snowboard, as well as Jones 3D spoon

Top 5 Snowboards of 2020 / 5 лучших досок 2020 года

Guf drops his top 5 snowboard picks of the 2020 season. This lineup of picks ranges from the all mountain park shredder, the DOA, to the freeride ripper, the Orca. You won't go wrong with any of these boards! 2020 Burton One Hitter: http://bit.ly/2SMhfIb 2020 Capita DOA: http://bit.ly/333mOn3 2020 Chamonix Route SL: http://bit.ly/37eqvsv 2020 Lib


Feat. Werni Stock, Mario Wanger, Tom Tramnitz and Friends. A Snowboard movie filmed in Austria Exclusively. Powder jumps, freeriding, Penken Park Action and a stunning Sunset Kicker Session at Zillertal Arena. Produced & Directed by filmaker Julian Pintarelli and snowboarder Werni Stock Film & Edit by Julian Pintarelli Starring: Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz, Mario Wanger,

С 11 по 24 Января мы в отпуске

Компания royllent уходит в отпуск с 11 по 24 Января, заказы будут приниматься но не будут производится и отгружаться , будьте внимательны Оплата принимается до 8 Января. 9 Января единственный день для того чтобы все напечатать, так как 10 все посылки будут отосланы, и печать производиться не будет.

Топ 5 досок для начинающих сноубордистов на 2020 год

Top 5 Beginner Snowboards of 2020 Beginner Snowboards GNU Money: http://bit.ly/2NU9a1f Arbor Draft: http://bit.ly/2CRSaCg Capita Horrorscope: http://bit.ly/2CNbEbx Salomon Sight: http://bit.ly/2CMLrtv Burton Ripcord: http://bit.ly/2NT76GT Women's Beginner Snowboards GNU Gloss: http://bit.ly/342KGIZ Arbor Ethos: http://bit.ly/2NRxJMl Capita Space Metal Fantasy: http://bit.ly/2qi0Q2k Salomon Oh Yeah: http://bit.ly/2CLKu4E Burton Stylus: http://bit.ly/2Ktsa4v

Bataleon Goliath Snowboard 2020 Review By S2AS

Yes, the Goliath is back! The Bataleon Goliath is better than ever too. Bataleon and the triple base tech is mind blowing good, now add sidekick and wow! Check out the review and see what you're missing this season. Take a look at the new 2020 Bataleon Goliath Snowboard at S2AS! The Bataleon Goliath is fan

Bataleon Disaster Snowboard 2020

Bataleon Disaster Snowboard 2020 For riders into chaos, mayhem, and general lawlessness, the Bataleon Disaster Snowboard is the tool for the job. This is a soft-flexing park board that combines positive camber with a unique contoured base to give you pop, catch-free slides, and a super fun ride. As easy as this board is to

RIDE 2020 Snowboards: Which Is Right For You? w/ Andreas

Navigating through the plethora of snowboards can be a daunting task, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. In this series I will walking you through with our local snowboard guru, Andreas, to give you an overview of what's available and make your choices at the checkout a little bit easier. Today we

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