Travis Rice Climax Snowboard – 155, 159, 163 Travis Rice Climax TRAVIS AND THE LIB experiMENTAL DIVISION’S DREAM DIRECTIONAL FREESTYLE/FREERIDE STICK Travis Rice Climax – Travis Rice Climax – Bases come in random colorways $999.95 USD Free shipping over $75 Add to Cart Shopatron Secure Find a Dealer Shape Directional Contour XC2 BTX Sizes 155, 159, 163 View our technology Watch video Lib Tech is Proud to Announce the All New 16/17 Travis Rice Climax Snowboard Travis is always looking for the outer edge of possibility whether it be exploring far reaching terrain, tricks or cinematic achievements. This same passion for progression extends to the design of his Lib Tech snowboard line, the all new super light super strong T-Rice Climax being the latest milestone in this storied lineage. Simply put, the Climax is the lightest, strongest most tricked out stick Lib has ever made. It started out with Travis’ desire to use carbon fiber in a board, mainly for it’s unparalleled strength to weight ratio. But Lib Tech founder /kraftsman / ripper and mad scientist Mike Olson had some what of an affinity to carbon fiber finding it nervous and brittle, an unstable overly chattery experience. But Mike being Mike was intrigued with the challenge, how to make a carbon fiber snowboard that isn’t just light and strong but also rides like a dream? So Mike took to tinkering and eventually, after years, EUREKA!, he found a solution. By mixing ribs of recycled PET foam in the core which are butted up against the spread tow carbon you achieve a supreme balance of weight and strength while maintaining the dampness necessary for stability at high speeds and big jumps. Now with the carbon problem in hand Mike, Travis and the experiMENTAL design team were free to dig in and make the T-Rice Climax even better. Polonia core, with strategic balsa wood, making light, lighter. Even thinner tips and tails for Travis’ never ending chase of reducing swing weight. The aforementioned recycled PET foam is literally old plastic bottles remade into foam coupled with the clear recycled beans top sheet helping to prove that technology can be environmentally nicer and keeping with Mervin Manufacturing’s zero hazardous waste policy. Why feed the landfills when you can take from them? What came out in the end was a truly stunning snowboard, an effervescent rainbow laced with carbon shines through the recycled bean top sheet, a progressive attack shape for all conditions, an almost impossibly light carriage that, thanks to a long tradition of great American tinkerers, hauls ass over the tops of moguls, blasts airs with ease and leaves skiers in it’s dust. CARBON WRAPPED IN CARBON WITH MAGNESIUM FIBER REINFORCEMENT AEROSPACE SPIN-SLIM AND RECYCLED PET ENLIGHTENED CONSTRUCTION Travis Rice Climax Info Graphic Board Specs Size Contact Length Side Cut Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Stance* Min-Max / Set Back Flex 10 = Firm Weight Range (lbs) 155 115 8.1 30 25.8 30 20.25″-25″ / .75″ 6 110 + 159 117 8.2 30.3 25.8 30.3 20.25″-25″ / .75″ 6 120 + 163 122 8.2 30.5 26.4 30.5 20.25″-25″ / .75″ 6 140 + View all specs