Jones Snowboards 2017 – Jeremy Jones Explains SPOON Немного видео о новинках сезона 2017 года от компании Jones

Jones Snowboards’ new SPOON 3D-base contours were specifically designed to provide next-level glide, flow and float. SPOON nose and tail edges are beveled up to reduce friction at the contact points. With less friction and catch in the tips you can maintain more speed.

“On a surfboard, the subtle shaping of the nose is what makes the entry into a turn so smooth and fluid. The feeling of an effortless surf turn is what inspired the development of SPOON. Instead of having to abruptly tip the board into a turn, SPOON lets you roll your edge into a turn. I’ve been on a quest to design a snowboard that has the glide and edge-to-edge fluidity of a surfboard for years. Our new Spoon base contours finally cracked the code on how to achieve this next level of board performance.”
— Jeremy Jones

The unique riding personality of each board in our collection demanded we develop four different 3D-base contour patterns. Not every model would benefit from the same amount of Spoon. Each 3D-base contour pattern is matched to the attitude of the board.

SPOON 1.0 – Explorer, Discovery, Prodigy
SPOON 2.0 – Aviator, Project X, Airheart
SPOON 3.0 – Flagship, Women’s Flagship, Carbon Flagship
SPOON 4.0 – Hovercraft, Ultracraft, Storm Chaser