Gentemstick Mantaray 2017 – 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The Gentemstick Mantaray takes all that fun I had with the Stingray and give’s it an even more surfy feel. The Mantaray has more nose, more set back and quicker turn initiation so it kicks it up a notch when it comes to surfing the mountain.  What’s great though is it doesn’t feel any less fun riding groomers than the Stingray.  There is a lot of magic going on with this board when it is and isn’t dumping. The only real problem is the limited stance width that maxes out at 22″.  If this had a wider stance range it would easily be A Good Ride Favorite. I’d also love to see this in a few different sizes. There is the Giant Mantaray but it’s got a softer flex.

Size: 154
Days:   2
Conditions:   Spring conditions with varied snow.
Riders: James, Matt,
Boots: Burton Imperial, Burton Rover,
Bindings:  Burton Cartel
Set Up: Set back all the way approximately 22″ wide 15 front -3 back.

Approximate Weight: Felt normal.  Not heavy or light.

On Snow Feel: So for something so set back, tapered and nose heavy this has a stable feel that isn’t washy.  It really defies what a board like this should do when one footing, flat basing and all around riding.

Edge Hold: Really strong grip and this side cut really knows how to grab in hard snow but let go when it’s soft.

Flex: Nice stiff to medium stiff flex and it’s not really a board to butter but you can lean back on the tail and wheelie up well enough.

Turn Initiation: Super quick edge to edge.  I thought the Stingray was fun to turn and quick until I got on the Mantaray. What a great board to do anything from short radius turns to wide radius turns with.

Skidded Turns: Easier than you would think and it doesn’t have camber consequence but it has more than a board with continuous rocker or boards with less camber.  There is a good amount of camber going on here before it goes to a little early rise.

Carving:  What a joy to carve.  Especially if you like tighter circle carves.

Powder:  So no powder but there is no way this wouldn’t float like a champ. I’ve ridden boards like this with similar specs and they had effortless float.  With this 70mm set back, super wide nose, super tapered tail and rocker in the nose this will float like a champ.

Speed: Very fast for this boards design and it’s fine pointing it.

Uneven Terrain: really quick in and out of bumpy terrain but also it can slam through it too without getting too bucky.

Switch: Not very good switch.  It’s not as bad as some Gentemstick boards but it’s not good.

Jibbing: Nope

Pipe: Maybe

Jumps: Nice spring off the tail and it’s got great pop off natural terrain.

So what makes this board great is the ability to kill it in powder and then also hang with some of the best freeride boards out there.  For us we love a board that can own it in powder but it’s such a bonus to have a board that can have a blast in groomers. Let’s face it.  Powder days are few and far between so it’s great to have a board you can take out when it’s not thigh deep.