2018 Bataleon The Jam Snowboard Review – Blackboard Experiment with Scotty James

The Jam is the board in your quiver for next level freestyle performance. Meant to be ridden fast and hard, it’s perfect for going big in the park. The Jam features Bataleon’s patented and unique Freestyle 3BT combined with positive tip to tail camber. The base is split into three separate areas in the nose and tail. Under the weight of the rider, the camber is loaded while the edges are lifted at the widest points. The directional twin shape of The Jam has one cm added to the nose while the sidecut and effective edge are twin, making it extremely capable in all conditions and riding situations. It also has a molecularly dense Ultra Glide S sintered base. More molecules means is can take a beating without compromising speed. – Ryan Scardigli, Marketing and Media Relations, Bataleon Snowboards Scotty’s First Impression: It’s quite hard to control at low speeds—the board wants to go where it wants to go, you really have to force it to do what you want. At high speeds, it changes a bit because of the channel on the nose and tail. It seems like with more speed you’re able to kind of maneuver it a bit more.