We made it through day two of SIA, and we’ve landed back at the same hotel bar, laptops, cameras, chicken wings and cheap beer on the table. Well, beer that should be cheap, but is actually quite expensive. With a second day of fluorescent lighting and incessant talking came more discoveries of interesting product being introduced for 2017 — and a lot of really boring product — but we won’t show that stuff here.

YES. Snowboards grew out of the axing of Burton’s UNINC. program, so it’s no surprise YES. has an UNINC. graphic on The Greats series for the upcoming season. Actually, it’s a complete fucking surprise because normally that would mean a certain lawsuit. But apparently Romain De Marchi bought the rights to UNINC. after he got the boot from Burton, so YES. is able to use the UNINC. graphics and name. The board remains an asymmetrical twin, with a tighter sidecut radius on the heel edge. New for 2017, however, is a carbon stringer inlayed along the heel edge, creating an asymmetrical flex.

2017 marks Never Summer’s 25th season. That’s a long time to be making snowboards right here in the US of A. This is the second time in the quarter century Never Summer has been around that the brand has made a board without their name or logo on the base. The 2017 Proto just says ‘Proto’ on the bottom.

Sims boards are now being made in the Never Summer factory, which means the quality just jumped up about 500%.

Now under new ownership, Bonfire is being revitalized with a new team and a new line. But the brand’s northwest roots and aesthetic have not been abandoned. The brand is still based in Portland and still creating pieces that look distinctly Bonfire.

Next season, Arbor will have a binding line. Well, they’ll have two bindings. One is softer and freestyle oriented and one is slightly stiffer and geared toward freeriding. The bindings are designed my Alex Warburton, who has a hand in designing YES. boards, NOW bindings and Technine bindings, among a number of other contributions to snowboarding and the progression of its products.

‘Clean’ is a pretty arbitrary term, but for lack of a better one, iNi seems to have honed in on a cleaner aesthetic for next season, while remaining committed to their eco-friendly ethos.

Sketchy Tank — so hot right now. The 2017 RIDE Burnout features Sketchy’s artwork, and the masked man himself was on hand to sign posters at RIDE’s booth. Not to toot our own horn, but Sketchy Tank designed a board for Snowboard Magazine last year. Toot, toot.

We would also like to remind you that Remind makes some of the comfiest insoles available. Mark Carter would also like to remind you of that.

Dinosaurs Will Die finally has a truly directional board in their line. It’s called the Pow Reaper and it’s shaped like a coffin. Dinos didn’t have samples on hand, but we’re pretty sure this thing is gonna reap! Or rip.