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Top 5 Park Snowboards 2019 Обзор досок

Top 5 Park Snowboards 2019 Обзор досок

CAPITA ULTRAFEAR: https://goo.gl/wk7fSF RIDE HELIX: https://goo.gl/8GXbQG GNU HEADSPACE: https://goo.gl/39KfxP NEVER SUMMER FUNSLINGER: https://goo.gl/wao2qi BATALEON EVIL TWIN: https://goo.gl/iUXDLx CAPITA PARADISE: https://goo.gl/g66K4X RIDE OMG: https://goo.gl/DgtrP2 GNU LADIES CHOICE: https://goo.gl/BWLULc NEVER SUMMER ONYX: https://goo.gl/N3GAnf BATALEON DISTORTIA: https://goo.gl/fFYPJZ


Freestyle snowboards come in a wide variety of flexes and profiles. Some boards will be better for jibbing, some will be better for jumping, and some are quite well rounded. In this video you’ll find 5 recommendations that are sure to stoke you out regardless of your riding style. I’ve tested these boards personally in a variety of locations ranging from Colorado, Mt. Hood, New Zealand, and Australia. This video was filmed on the Stubai Glacier in Austria, I hope it gives you some good ideas as you are looking for a new park board this season. Let me know what your favorite park board is down in the comments below, thanks for watching!

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