As some of you might have heard, the Avant Premiere is now running under another name, Rock on Snow. Even though the name has changed the event itself still takes place in the French resort La Clusaz, driven by the idea to test as many snowboards as you can within three days.

Concerning the weather, we were ridiculously lucky this year as it was dumping for the first two days, and on the third day we got some fresh powder turns underneath a perfect bluebird sky – ideal for trying out the powder boards. Snowy perfection was also to be seen on the slopes so we couldn’t have asked for better snow conditions for testing next season’s new snowboards, bindings and goggles.

In a three-day period, you can hardly manage to test everything that’s being offered but we got a fair amount of snowboards in – everything from old classics like the Burton Custom to new and exciting snowboards like the amazingly pink old school board called Liberty, by Nidecker (please make a ladies version of this for next year). What might get the CAPiTADOA riders stoked on is that for season 2019/2020 you can expect a Super DOA, another newcomer we came across during the Rock On Snow event. As for the ladies, both Rome and Salomon have stepped up their game for next season.

As for now, we’ll only be scratching the surface for the new snowboard gear, giving you some more peaks into what to expect from season 2019/2020 after ISPO in February. For the full reviews you’ll have to wait until September 2019, when our next Buyer’s Guide drops.

In the meantime, check out the highlights from this years showroom below.

Amplid Snommelier Snowboard and Dada Snowboard 2019/2020

Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Borealis Drakkar Snowboard and Leviathan Snowboard 2019/2020

Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard and Flight Attendant Snowboard 2019/2020

Burton Limelite Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Burton Scribe Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Burton Yeasayer Snowboard 2019/2020

CAPiTA SuperDOA Snowboard and Slash Portal Snowboard 2019/2020

Easy Rock on Snow Custom Snowboard and Huntress Snowboard 2019/2020

Flow Fenix Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Flow Fuse GT Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Flow NX2 CX Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Flow NX2 Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

GNU Headspace Snowboard 2019/2020

Jones Flagship Snowboard 2019/2020

Jones Solution Splitboard 2019/2020

K2 Afterblack Snowboard 2019/2020

K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

K2 Joydriver Snowboard 2019/2020

K2 Kinsley Snowbaord Boots 2019/2020

K2 Limelite Snowboard 2019/2020

K2 Meridian Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

K2 Thraxis Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Karakoram Snowboard Splitboard Bindings 2019/2020

Karakoram Snowboard Splitboard Bindings 2019/2020

Lib Tech Titty Fish Snowboard and Roxy Torah Bright Snowboard 2019/2020

Lobster Eiki Helgason Snowboard 2019/2020

Lobster Stomper Snowboard and Bataleon Surfer Snowboard 2019/2020

Never Summer Proto Type 2 Snowboard and Academy Propacamba Snowboard 2019/2020

Niche Ember Snowboard and Story Snowboard 2019/2020

Nidecker Concept Snowboard and Liberty Snowboard 2019/2020

Nidecker Lunar Snowbaord Boots 2019/2020

Nidecker Talon Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Nitro Bianca TLS Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Nitro El Mejor TLS Snowboard Boots and Capital TLS Snowbaord Boots 2019/2020

Nitro Grif Snowboard and Santoku Snowboard 2019/2020

Nitro Phantom Snowboard Bindings and Carver Team Pro Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Nitro Poison Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

NOW Brigada Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

NOW Brigade Division Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

NOW Select Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

NOW The Recon Snowbaord Bindings 2019/2020

NOW The Vetta Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

NOW X Captain Fin Co Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Ride Insano Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Ride LTD Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Ride Twinpig Snowboard 2019/2020

Ride Warpig Snowboard and Superpig Snowboard 2019/2020

Rome Dod Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rome Gang Plank Snowboard and Degenerati Snowboard 2019/2020

Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rome Targa Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rossignol Cobra Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rossignol Diva Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Rossignol Sashimi 156 Snowboard 2019/2020

Rossignol Trickstick Snowboard and Sashimi 152 Snowboard 2019/2020

Salomon Assassin Pro Snowboard 2019/2020

Salomon Defender Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Salomon Hi-Fi Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Salomon X-Asmo Snowboards 2019/2020

Switchback Eiki Helgason Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Switchback Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

ThirtyTwo Muller Snowboard Boots 2019/2020

Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2019/2020

Yes Typo Snowboard and 2020 Snowboard 2019/2020