• Price: £585
  • Sizes: 154, 157, 160W
  • Flex: 5
  • Profile: Camber
  • Shape: Directional

There’s been a bit of a shake-up at Bataleon HQ; gone is the ‘Whitegold’ range of powder sticks, but in its place comes the ‘Elite Series’. The name may have changed, but the dedication to making peerless high-end snowboards remains – for the proof, just take a look at the Bataleon The One E.S.

Yes, this one is expensive, but it’s easy to see where that extra cash is going; The One E.S. Is chock-full of Bataleon’s top tech. The base is the fastest that they make, and the core is a featherweight-yet-tough combination of poplar and paulownia. Both layers of fibreglass are high-end triax, and it features a true wood topsheet.

“Wherever you turn this thing, be it sugary slush or rock-hard piste, it feels right at home”

Shape-wise, this is built for powder. Naturally, it features a freeride-friendly version of Bataleon’s Triple Base Technology; the centrebase is narrow and the side-bases are wide, so the amount of float that you get in powder is increased as the board skims across the snow like a boat. The amount of uplift from the centrebase to the edge is greater at the nose than at the tail, offering extra buoyancy at the front and stability at the back.

Combined with the directional, tapered outline, this will take to the steep and deep like a duck to water. There’s the option to set the bindings back even further than normal, but it’s not essential, and you can even size down a little if you want. On top of its floaty characteristics, The One is about half a centimetre wider than standard models, so losing some length is recommended.

You don’t need to keep it under wraps until that Japan trip. Wherever you turn this thing, be it sugary slush or rock-hard piste, it feels right at home. The camber profile holds a solid edge on everything, and the carbon-enhanced tail means there’s plenty of pop when a side hit presents itself.

Which is just as well; that’s a lot to pay for something you’ll only ride in the very best conditions. However, given how much it can enhance any day on the mountain, the Bataleon The One E.S. could be a sound investment.

Tester’s Verdict

Chris Sturgess – snowfit.co.uk

While Whitegold may have gone, Bataleon’s premium line of boards lives on. Featuring the DNA of last years Whitegold Proto, The One E.S. is an exceptional snowboard for anyone looking for an all-mountain option that is fun to ride and handles superbly. It’s light, smooth and effortless to turn thanks to the clever core construction and refined Triple Base Technology.

“In the past I have found Bataleons can be a bit swimmy, but The One E.S. holds an edge really well”

In the past I have found Bataleons can be a bit swimmy, but The One E.S. holds an edge really well in all conditions and gives you positive feedback. It’s these qualities that make you feel invincible when you are on The One E.S., a board that has the potential to take your riding to the next level and beyond.

Trade Secrets

Danny Kiebert – Creative Director, Bataleon

This is one of our two Elite Series boards in the 2016/17 range, for which we only use the best-of-the-best materials to create a next-level ride.

When shaping The One, we wanted to create the best directional snowboard we have ever made – something that would put smiles on the faces of our most demanding team riders. So we worked closely with DBK and Shayne Pospisil to find the best combo of radius, float surface, taper, woodcore pattern, layups and Triple Base shape.

The One is the result of years of development and prototyping, and what emerged is a serious board for big lines that performs best when you ride it fast.