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Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд Royllent 2018 RED Bull Style design


  • Наклейка 2018 RED Bull Style design может быть от 1700 х 330 мм. до 2000 х 330 мм.
    Гарантированная зона рисунка 1700 х 300 мм. Можно нанести ваше имя на доску, чтоб не украли.
    Изображение может превышать размер вашей доски, так как все доски разной ростовки. Если вы хотите заказать индивидуальный размер виниловой наклейки на сноуборд, для этого необходимо нам сообщите ваше желание, которое оплачивается отдельно.
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У вас может быть доска с наклейкой и Royllent 2018 RED Bull Style design
Это потрясающее решение позволяющее вам выделиться из толпы всех остальных, так как вероятность встретить доску с так же рисунком равна нулю. Каждый раз при изготовлении мы следим чтобы клиентам нравились наши продукты.
Нанеся рисунок на доску, вы всегда в центре внимания, и если вы фанат или фанатка такого стиля — это именно ваше решение, для вашей доки.

Пару слов о RED Bull Style:

The following is excerpted from Champions of Design 4, the latest book by jkr that gives an insight into the world’s most successful brands.

Red Bull Soapbox DerbyRed Bull Soapbox Derby, photo credit

Under the leadership of Austrian brand owner Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull’s epic forays into art, racing, flying and even space have made the brand a global phenomenon. In terms of experience and communication, Mateschitz’s company added incalculable value to the brand. Where they didn’t add value was the design of the original Thai energy drink. And that of course, is what has added value. Sometimes, knowing when not to meddle with the magic is the thing that makes the magic itself.

Red Bull logo Thai

In the 1970s, Red Bull was being marketed at farmers, construction workers and truck drivers in Thailand. Krating Daeng (‘Red Bull’ in Thai) was a populist drink for the working man: one that allowed you to overcome fatigue, pull a double shift, or drive all night.

Muay ThaiRed Bull Soapbox Derby, Muay Thai, photo credit

It formed a long-standing association with Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing), which gave it popularity and street cred. With a potent mix of sugar, caffeine and taurine all packed up in a small medicinal brown glass bottle with a bright, colourful label, Red Bull became something of a success amongst its working-class consumer base.

Krating Daeng bottlesRed Bull Soapbox Derby, Krating Daeng, photo credit

It started with a humdrum business trip to Thailand for Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz. He stumbled across the drink and apparently discovered that it ‘cured’ his jet lag. In partnership with Thai inventor Chaleo Yoovidhya they launched a version of the Thai drink slightly modified to suit European tastes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Red Bull’s evolution from quirky local drink to global mega-brand is a master-class in how to execute a brilliantly joined-up communications idea across big-idea events. But it’s also a lesson in the value of restraint and sensitivity. When Mateschitz decided to launch ‘Krating Daeng’ in Austria, he was careful to retain the iconography of the brand, leaving its charging bulls virtually untouched. He recognised, perhaps, that a sense of the ‘foreign’, the exotic, the quirky and the doubtless potent would be positive associations for a new energy drink brand.

Red Bull colours
Red Bull Soapbox Derby, Red Bull van rear, photo credit

Design icons aren’t built overnight, and knowing when not to change them is a valuable skill. So now the world is richer for having two Red Bull brands that are of course, same same but different.


Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд Royllent 2018 RED Bull Style design с доставкой по России и в Республику Башкортостан.


Размер виниловой наклейки

2000 х 320 мм.

О продукции

Компания производитель не несет ответственности за схожесть внешнего вида с оригиналом при использовании ее продукции

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