When It Happens – Full Movie Как красиво катают

The struggle to snowboard in the midwest was real and Flanel Lifestyles had to modify their approach to successfully pull off a movie this year. The lack of snow across the Midwest was frustrating to say the least. With almost no hope of producing a movie, the crew had to dig deep and get creative to make things happen. Driven by a true snowboard mentality, the crew behind When It Happens, made it happen. Trace amounts of snowfall made the terrain equal parts snow and grass forcing these guys to strap in and rise to the challenge. When the snow finally fell, the crew hit the streets hard and made When It Happens, happen.

The winter season in the midwest was pretty awful this season, but since this what we love to do we went at it full force. When it happened, we made it happen. Featuring Charles Beck, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Trevor Newman, Matt Miller, Sam Schowalter, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Dusty Miller and Brett Kulas. Thanks to Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, GNU, Thirty Two, Vans, Ashbury Eyewear, Skull Candy, 686, Ovan Vision, Leader Winch Co. and People Skate and Snow” –  Flanel Lifestyles

image: http://snowboarding.transworld.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/442/files/2016/08/WhenItHappens-1000×525.jpg

When It Happens | TWSNOW

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