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The Fat And The Furious Ep.1 Hometown

The Hjellström brothers Abbe and Theo are back with a timely release of their series ‘The Fat and the Furious’! Joined by Felix Engström to complete the trio the crew attack many mad spots with some super creative and stylish maneuvers. 

This is the real deal though. They nailed it last winter with a series of the same title and we’re stoked to see them back at it. Double rail lines, double board backflips, mega no-complys, bonks out and a classy track all combine to make this 100% essential viewing.. Get it watched! This is as fa(s)t and as furious as it gets!

The Fat and the Furious

  1. Hometown

We spent 6 days in our Hometown “Skövde” and filmed this this part. Huge thanks to our very good friend and filmmaker Lowe Andersson from NoBudget Production who is behind the camera! We are so proud and lucky that you are stoked to back this! This episode is 1/3 this season.

Abbe Hjellström
Theo Hjellström
Felix Engström

Filmed By: Lowe Andersson, NoBudget Production
Edit By: Abbe

Thanks to: Neff, Burton, Rome, Analog, Dragon, Crab Grab, Transworld Snowboarding, Extraevil, Ramirent