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Gnu 2018 Snowboards | SIA Preview

Gnu 2018 Snowboards | SIA Preview

He had the chance to link up with Mervin rep Ryan Davis to get the run down on whats new and exciting for winter 2017/2018. From throwback swallow tail shapes to collabs with Airblaster, Gnu is always bringing you fresh new shapes and graphics while continuing to be environmentally aware. So sit back, get some brand history knowledge and check out some new boards from Gnu for the 2017/2018 winter season.

Gentemstick Mantaray 2017 – 2016 Review by The Good Ride

Gentemstick Mantaray 2017 – 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The Gentemstick Mantaray takes all that fun I had with the Stingray and give’s it an even more surfy feel. The Mantaray has more nose, more set back and quicker turn initiation so it kicks it up a notch when it comes to surfing the mountain.  What’s great though is it doesn’t feel any less fun riding groomers than the Stingray.  There is a lot of magic going on with this board when it is and isn’t dumping. The only real problem is the limited stance width that maxes out at 22″.  If this had a wider stance range it would easily be A Good Ride Favorite. I’d also love to see this in a few different sizes. There is the Giant Mantaray but it’s got a softer flex.

Size: 154
Days:   2
Conditions:   Spring conditions with varied snow.
Riders: James, Matt,
Boots: Burton Imperial, Burton Rover,
Bindings:  Burton Cartel
Set Up: Set back all the way approximately 22″ wide 15 front -3 back.

Approximate Weight: Felt normal.  Not heavy or light.

On Snow Feel: So for something so set back, tapered and nose heavy this has a stable feel that isn’t washy.  It really defies what a board like this should do when one footing, flat basing and all around riding.

Edge Hold: Really strong grip and this side cut really knows how to grab in hard snow but let go when it’s soft.

Flex: Nice stiff to medium stiff flex and it’s not really a board to butter but you can lean back on the tail and wheelie up well enough.

Turn Initiation: Super quick edge to edge.  I thought the Stingray was fun to turn and quick until I got on the Mantaray. What a great board to do anything from short radius turns to wide radius turns with.

Skidded Turns: Easier than you would think and it doesn’t have camber consequence but it has more than a board with continuous rocker or boards with less camber.  There is a good amount of camber going on here before it goes to a little early rise.

Carving:  What a joy to carve.  Especially if you like tighter circle carves.

Powder:  So no powder but there is no way this wouldn’t float like a champ. I’ve ridden boards like this with similar specs and they had effortless float.  With this 70mm set back, super wide nose, super tapered tail and rocker in the nose this will float like a champ.

Speed: Very fast for this boards design and it’s fine pointing it.

Uneven Terrain: really quick in and out of bumpy terrain but also it can slam through it too without getting too bucky.

Switch: Not very good switch.  It’s not as bad as some Gentemstick boards but it’s not good.

Jibbing: Nope

Pipe: Maybe

Jumps: Nice spring off the tail and it’s got great pop off natural terrain.

So what makes this board great is the ability to kill it in powder and then also hang with some of the best freeride boards out there.  For us we love a board that can own it in powder but it’s such a bonus to have a board that can have a blast in groomers. Let’s face it.  Powder days are few and far between so it’s great to have a board you can take out when it’s not thigh deep.

Sims SoFun 2017 Review by The Good Ride

Sims SoFun 2017 Review by The Good Ride

The Sims SoFun is a pretty good take on mountain freestyle and Steph seemed to like the overall ride.


Sims Company Info


SIMS has always worked to advance women’s snowboarding. We created the first women’s specific snowboard, along with the first women’s pro-model. Today we’re bringing back the women’s specific technological advancements that you’ve come to expect from SIMS. The SoFun features our new women’s specific Shockwave Camber Profile, Quad Carbon Dynamics, and Vario Power Grip Sidecut creating an all mountain board perfect for any terrain. SoFun, the name says it all!


W’s True Twin All Mtn Freestyle
W’s Shockwave Camber Profile
Vario Power Grip Sidecut
Mid Flex
Matte Topsheet
STS Pre-Tensioned Fiberglass
+/- 45 Fiberglass Laminate
Bi-Lite Fiberglass
Quad Carbon Dynamics
SIMS Hybrid Poplar/Aspen Core
RDS 2 Damping System
Elastomer Underfoot Stabilizers
Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls
Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base
Low Profile Tip/Tail
P-Tex Tip/Tail Protection
1420 mm / 1480 mm Black Topsheet
1450 mm / 1510 mm White Topsheet

Сноуборд The Fighter от компании Yunikaboards

The Fighter

For riders who go “all in” in the park with a beast underfoot. Powerful but playful, the Fighter is fully loaded with the latest technology and innovative thinking to hold any landings and specially hard ones.

For riders who go “all in” in the park with a beast underfoot. Powerful but playful, the Fighter is fully loaded with the latest technology and innovative thinking to hold any landings and specially hard ones. Mid-stiff flex, centered stance and a true twin shape with special reinforcement in the nose and tail for added ‘pop’ on take off and under the bindings for shock absorbing. High performance extruded base for great gliding properties and easy repairs and maintenance.

Artwork by David Habben. Check out our artists page to know more about their work.


US $469.00

Features and Specs





All Mountain


Tech Spec

Length Effective Edge Tip Width Tip Length Waist Width Tail Width Tail Length Sidecut Radius
149 113.4 29.1 18.0 25.0 29.1 18.0 7.5
152 116.4 29.5 18.0 25.3 29.5 18.0 7.65
155 119.4 30.1 18.0 25.7 30.1 18.0 7.8
158 122.4 30.4 18.0 25.9 30.4 18.0 7.95



Our family of cambers supports and mirrors our feelings about building quivers. We back the idea that riders need a quiver of a few different boards, and camber variety is the main way we create different boards to fill those spots in the quiver. A rider might like positive camber for all-mountain riding, but prefer a more pow-oriented camber for the deepest days, and then also opt for our flat-rocker for park sessions. Camber design is a key way we make each of those days as fun as possible. And each rider is different; what one rider might like for all-around days is definitely not true for all riders. Camber Matters.

Hybrid Stay Positive

We innovated the concept behind this camber back in 2010 and ran it for several years in the Anthem SS—possibly a bit ahead of its time given the fruity anti-camber craze of those times. Through the intervening years, 100-day locals and industry insiders have told us that this is their favorite camber of all time, so we decided to bring back a new version of it. This design features positive camber through nearly all of the running length of the board. Just before the contact points, the positive camber transitions into rocker that only gets activated when you flex the board. The result is nearly all the responsiveness of positive camber, but with smoother turn initiation and a touch more float in powder. Great for all-mountain responsive snowboarding.

Hybrid Stay Positive


In this three-zone design, positive camber runs from the rider’s front foot to the tail of the board. Up front, a flat camber section extends from the front foot to just short of the contact points in the nose, where we put a small amount of rocker. The result is versatile responsiveness—positive camber in the mid and rear sections let you lock into and explode out of turns, while the combination of flat camber and rocker in the front of the board mix enough downward pressure for turning with nose buoyancy for floating. The positive tail also gives power for slashes and solid landing gear. Great for cranking turns on groomed and un-groomed snow.


FreePop Rocker

Flat camber in the mid-section of the board meets up with rocker in the nose and tail to create a super versatile feel and response. The flat camber zone gives stability and directional response, while the rockered nose and tail give super press-a-bility and playfulness in all types of snow. Great for riders who like to balance creative trick selection with solid all-mountain freestyle performance.

FreePop Rocker

MtnPop Rocker 2.0

Rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail. We fine-tune the amount of rocker between the feet to just make contact with the snow when the rider is not standing on the board. The result is more than enough float and playfulness from the rocker, while still allowing the positive camber in the nose and tail to deliver responsive power. Great for riders who like the best of both worlds—responsive turning, solid landing, powder floating, and nimble control.

MtnPop Rocker 2.0

Stay Positive

For the last 30 years or so, there have been a group of riders who demand positive camber to fuel their snowboarding. This group includes most team riders, shop owners, 100-day locals and many of us at Rome. The reason they demand positive camber is for the unmatched pop and response that it gives a snowboard. Whether you are railing turns, ollieing off the lip of a jump, or stomping a landing, many riders think there is no better shape to have under foot. Great for riding everything with power.

Stay Positive

NoHang-Ups Rocker 2.0

In the Diamond of this camber, we keep the area under foot flat to deliver enough directional control, but with a mellow, easy-to-control feel. Outside of the flat Diamond, our 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker (CCR) lets the board initiate turns super smoothly and makes the board nearly impossible to catch an edge. The interaction between our flat Diamond and the rocker creates the unique playful, fun to ride board. More than great for learning—the best camber for learning to ride, period.

NoHang-Ups Rocker 2.0

NoHang-Ups Pop 2.0

Using our unique Diamond and 3D Continuous Curvilinear Rocker (CCR), we build a camber that optimizes the responsiveness and control of positive camber underfoot, and the looseness of rocker at the nose and tail. The Diamond is the key. In the Diamond, we put full-width positive camber between the feet and then extend positive camber in the centerline almost to the contact points in the tip and tail. This powers a rocker feel with directional control and a ton of power down the centerline of the board. Outside of the Diamond, our 3D CCR elevates the nose and the contact points off the snow. Great for all-mountain snowboarding in all types of snow.

NoHang-Ups Pop 2.0

Powder S

In two of our split boards, we use our Powder S camber to combine float in powder with strong turning performance in powder. In the nose of the board, we put rocker. In the zone between your feet and in the tail, we put positive camber. The board floats effortlessly into the next turn, then you transition into a powerful mid-section of the board for control, and finally you finish with power off the tail. Great for floating through powder and riding it with smooth power.

Powder S

Powder S 3D

For the Powder Divisions, we’ve created a 3D version of our Powder S camber to give more forebody float in powder. We put a spooned-out 3D rocker in the nose of the board and combine it with positive camber in the mid section and in the tail. The result is round, floaty performance up front, with full-powered slash-a-bility in the back. Great for surfing untracked snow.

Powder S 3D

STRONGER, The Union Team Movie | Official Trailer

The Union Team Movie Teaser – STRONGER

Travis, Kazu, Torstein and Stevens are all in for one of the teasers of the year

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After a, shall we say, mixed reception to the latest Red Bull/Brain Farm flick, we’re still feeling the need for a stand out snowboard movie for this winter. With the change they had down the back of their red and blue sofa, the Bull have teamed up with Pirate Movie Productions to co-produce what could be 2016’s saving grace: a Union Bindings team movie – Stronger.

With the heaviest looking line up we’ve seen in a while (think CAPiTA and Volcom’s teams combining), even Travis Rice himself is gonna get a look in on it, casually dropped in the credits between the likes of Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, Scott Stevens, Dustin Craven, Johnny O’Connor, Phil Jacques, Dan Brisse, Anto Chamberland, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo and Torstein Horgmo.

Again, that line up. And if those names aren’t enough to get you stoked on it, just hit play above.

Produced by: Pirate Movie Productions

Co-Produced by: Red Bull Media House

Starring the best team in snowboarding, the long awaited UNION BINDING COMPANY team movie is here at last! Shot entirely with RED cameras in 4K and above, STRONGER was filmed on location from the peaks of the Alaskan alpine to the streets of Finland, and all the best spots in between. Bringing together legends, veterans, and rookies, STRONGER delivers insane snowboarding from Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, Scott Stevens, Dustin Craven, Johnny O’Connor, Phil Jacques, Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Anto Chamberland, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo & Torstein Horgmo. Buckle up tight, because a crew like this has never been assembled in a major snowboarding motion picture.

Riders: Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, Scott Stevens, Dustin Craven, Johnny O’Connor, Phil Jacques, Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Anto Chamberland, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo & Torstein Horgmo.

Locations: Alaska, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland & Japan.

Filmers: Flo Eckhardt, Justin Hare, Heiko Knauer, Skylar Brent, Mikael Ahtikari, Tijl Bex, Tom Hannam

Bear In Heaven


Как делают сноуборды

Как делают сноуборды

производство сноубордов в промышленных масштабах, в этом видео рассказывается какой большой труд проделываю люди для изготовления снойубордов.

от 399 руб за полноразмерную сноуборд наклейку или на лыжи от самого крупного производителя в России – Компании Royllent