Stepchild Latchkey Review: Men’s Park Winner – Good Wood Snowboard Test 2018-2019

sometimes less is more, and between the supremely minimalist graphics to the tried and true camber-dominant profile, that’s exactly what testers took away from Stepchild’s Latchkey. “I loved the simplicity of this board,” said one satisfied tester, “It’s basic and no bullshit – the way a snowboard should be.” Featuring a slightly stiffer than middle-of-the-road flex pattern, testers found this upgraded version of one of Stepchild’s most iconic models to be both stable and poppy, making it a viable deck for the rider who enjoys both higher speeds and larger jump lines. And thanks to the subtle flat sections outside of the inserts, the Latchkey certainly stays true to its namesake by effectively locking into presses – even if one tester admitted it required a bit more legwork: “It was a little harder to engage than other boards, but once you were in a press, there was no fear of slipping out.”

Board Specs & Features:

Length (cm) – Waist Width (cm)

148 — 24.6
152 — 24.7
155 — 24.9
157 — 25.0
159 — 25.2

Flex: 6/10

Camber: Camber Between Feet; Flat Contact Points

Base: Sintered

Shape: True Twin

(Flex is not standardized and differs by brand. The rating here is the best estimate of the board’s flex.)