About this project

 1. Introduction  

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2. About Yunika

The idea is simple: to create unique, durable and eco-superior boards and apparel that not only respect the environment but also those creating them, right through to the end user.
Yunika focuses on having all of its products sustainably made from the best raw materials possible combined with the best known craftsmanship to date.

Every product we create contains a spirit expressing environmental and societal awareness… our boards are not just eco-friendly, but truly eco-superior products in functionality, design and value. At Yunika we have the passion and drive to do and create what has not been done before.

That´s it, the heart of Yunika.

 About YUNIKAS’ name:

  • The name Yunika defines the company
  • The Y and the K stand for the company’s location in the Yukon Territory  
  • UNIKA embodies our cutting edge technology and the uniqueness of our products and construction materials 
  • The drops within the logo represent the brands affinity to water, the element which creates life, illustrating the company’s eco-mindedness 
  • The negative space in between the drops represents the Y from YUNIKA 
  • The colors of the drops represent the distinctive traditional Pacific North Western Art

2.1 About Us  

We ourselves are passionate boarders. Snowboarding is our way of life – we think, breathe and live for it- that´s exactly what makes the difference. We personally care about our products; designing them, building them, and riding them, to ensure quality and riding satisfaction for all. We are passionate about ensuring that our products are the best and that they stay the best.
Everything started two years ago when we realized that today’s snowboards chip and break easily, whilst their production methods leave a lot to be desired when it comes to environmental protection.
So we started to do some research into materials and the production process. We were looking for the possibility to improve durability by using alternative, sustainable, recyclable or recycled materials and a construction method that was less polluting.

We are all passionate and experienced riders and we care about our surroundings. Driven by the love of boarding sports we have the desire to change the industry by thinking differently. Respect, integrity, caring for the planet and the well being of people is at the heart of our organization. Because… …
We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children. (1)

Together let’s make a difference, NOW!

2.2 Our Philosophy


Unfortunately that is not self-evident anymore. Climate change (global warming) is the largest environmental threat humans have ever faced! If we still want to have fresh air to skate, clean water to surf and snow to ride in the future then we have to act today.
The standard construction of regular snowboards is highly pollutant. It goes without saying that using these materials is unhealthy for us all, from the workers in the factory all the way to future generations who will inhabit our planet.
By using different methods and recycled, natural materials, recycling every bit of our production waste (board fiber, pre-consumer scrap from textile waste, water based inks, sustainable wood grades, etc) we considerably reduce our impact on the planet. This is why we have and always will look to find alternative sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

3. Our Products

The uniqueness of our idea is using sustainable materials, like local wood species FSC­® certified, bio-based fibers (100% natural from existing by-products or waste streams that are generated by pre-existing industries), reinforced wood sidewalls, eco-superior epoxy and water based inks. By using these alternative materials we reduce the environmental stress and waste, whilst at the same time increasing the durability, style and optimum performance of our products. It´s our aim to build eco-superior products.

The idea is not just about improving materials used, it´s a lot more than that-it´s about respect. Respecting mother nature by building eco-superior products and also respecting each other. Yunika is located in Whitehorse, in the heart of the First Nations community. In order to support their culture, we decided to promote some of their designs on our boards that share their spirit, culture and respect towards nature. On top of this we also want to give back to the community, supporting no-for-profit-organizations who campaign for respect towards mother nature and our fellow human beings.

3.1. Our Snowboards

Yunika will offer 8 snowboards in the range. 5 for men and 3 for women. They are divided into 2 categories for easy rewards list.

The White Pass Collection and The Gold Rush Collection.

The White Pass Collection:

Click on the picture to find out more about these snowboards or please visit our website.

The Gold Rush Collection:

Click on the picture to find out more about these snowboards or please visit our website.

We will be able to carry sizes 140 cm to 164 cm depending on the model. If you’re not sure about the size you need, our expert team will take the time to offer you skilled advice based on your level and riding style to identify what will suit you best.

4. Our Technology and Materials

 All of our boards are handcrafted with passion. Here is a descriptive list of our materials and technologies:
  • Direct Print Technology: We print directly onto the topsheet to cut down on printing processes resulting in more vibrant colors rendering and better artwork depth and quality.
  • Wooden Sidewalls: Our sidewalls are made of 100% reinforced bamboo. Super tough and 100% natural, this also help us to reduce our dependence on plastic.
  • Sintered & Extruded Base: Made from Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW-PE) it’s one of the fastest and easiest to repair.
  • 100% Natural Bio Fiber: Next generation 100% bio-fiber that is almost half the weight of traditional fiberglass with the same great properties. Truly revolutionary, biodegradable, renewable, non-abrasive, safer to the human being and Mother Nature.
  • Reclaimed Impact Absorber: Same idea as with the bio-fiber but all natural fiber. We are using recycled fiber to dampen vibration and acting as a shock absorber. Pretty neat right!
  • Recycled Nanopopster Stringers: We are using recycled synthetic fibers as reinforcement which retains more than 98% of its properties after treatment. No additional production, just the recycling of old fibers for a second life cycle.
  • No VOC’s Epoxy: This epoxy provides unmatched bond adhesion, elasticity, durability and on top of that it releases no VOC’s! Altogether much better for the environment.
  • 100% sustainably sourced Wood Core: Different local wood species and densities are strategically placed for the best mechanical properties of the core.
  • Local Wood Veneer topsheet: We are using local wood veneer on our boards to have a one of a kind finish. Every veneer is unique, and so is your board.
  • Handcrafted With Passion: Proudly made by passionate people it’s handcrafted to perfection with devotion to eco-responsibility, to create a real gem ready for action.

4.1 Snowboard Construction:

Click on the picture to find out more about our technology or please