Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд Royllent 2016 Fury Road Max Alone


Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд в стиле Фильма Безумный Макс всегда будет выделять вас среди других досок.

Посмотрите видео о фильме, для понимания насколько круто иметь доску с принтом в стиле Mad Max


У вас может быть доска с виниловой наклейкой в стиле Royllent 2016  Fury Road Max Alone
Это потрясающее решение позволяющее вам выделиться из толпы всех остальных, так как вероятность встретить доску с таким же рисунком равна нулю 🙂
Нанеся рисунок на доску, вы всегда в центре внимания, и если вы фанат фильма Безумный Макс – это именно ваше решение, для вашей доки, покажите насколько вы любите все эти потрясающие световые эффекты.
Пару слов об этом фильме Безумный Макс: Ярость Дорог

We have not seen Max Rockastansky (Tom Hardy) on movie screens in 30 years. This is a welcome return to Max and the crazy, post-apocalyptic world of George Miller (Mad Max, Babe). Max lives an existence of sheer survival. As a former police officer and family man, he is now a tortured shell of the man of justice he used to be and merely wants to survive. After being captured by the leading cult forces of this futuristic wasteland, he finds himself in the middle of a pursuit of Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and the wives of the masked Immortan Joe (Hugh Keyes-Byrne). Max becomes the pivotal force to assist in Furiosa’s escape and redemption. Mad Max: Fury Road becomes a race for life, redemption and hope. Shot in the barren desert of Namibia, the fight for life becomes an adrenaline charged chess match that in making the wrong move will cost you your life. No summary can do the action justice, except to say to is a new visual standard that needs to be experienced.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a lesson in conveying depth with minimal dialogue. George Miller delivers a masters class in story telling and stunt driven effects that successfully convey back story, cultural nuance and the justification of these desperate acts of disobedience and violence. Even as the fourth outing for this character, we are given a fresh storyline and wealth of new characters for a new generation. It is not necessary to see the original films to enjoy this chapter in Max’s adventures, but it might be worth going back to watch the first two films in this anthology. The cast is captivating and effective in their roles, but they have to take a back seat to the energetic stunt work and effects. This world seems to be a maniacal and messy existence, but becomes an enjoyable, orchestrated primal experience. Who would have thought that through the Mad Max franchise Miller would be able to convey his cinematic brilliance and deliver this visceral masterpiece. Not to dismiss the acting, Hardy is brilliant as the tortured lead character and delivering a believable portrait of his desire to survive the present while mentally enduring his past. He is given minimal dialogue, but is able to become the heart of this post-apocalyptic tale. Interestingly, Hardy is not the primary lead in the film that bears his name. Charlie Theron’s shining portrayal of Furiosa is the literal and figurative driver of the film. She manages to redefine feminine heroism for film makers. She has strength, purpose and a sacrificial depth that presses the story beyond a mindless chase scene. In a genre that tends to victimise or sexualise the female leads, Miller portrays a strong female led without any unnecessary feminist underpinnings. In masking her natural beauty, Theron is allowed to develop her strengths and vulnerabilities without making a political statement. Both Hardy and Theron are supported by an excellent supporting cast that moves this experience from a mere adrenaline rush to a story of fighting for your right to live, seeing that sacrifice is part of freedom and ultimately for the hope for redemption.

On many levels, Miller seems to realise that action without reason loses its purpose. In adding a spiritual component to Mad Max: Fury Road he allows for a narrative depth in the script. Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) is the cult leader in this dark, twisted world. His character delivers a dark and demented message of the need for effective leadership and that leaders need to provide people with purpose for their sacrifice, even if it is misplaced. This story shows that there is basic need for something beyond our material needs that gives society drive and direction. Also, the flower on this desert wasteland is hope. Even the jaded heart of Max is turned and assists in getting those under his charge to their promised land and in giving them hope in the bleakest of moments. This is an essential cinematic vehicle when placed against the backdrop of the depravity of mankind. Miller manages to capture this element and allows for the story to consider the realities of mankind’s history and future. If the film does have a weakness, it would be in the conclusion. In all that they desire to achieve and find through this film maker’s journey, the finality has an empty satisfaction. After watching a film like Mad Max : Fury Road it might be worth reading through Revelation. Fortunately, with the God of the Bible there is more we can hope for in the future.



Наклейка может быть от 1800 х 300 мм. до 2100 х 330 мм.
Гарантированная зона рисунка 1800 х 300 мм.
Изображение может превышать размер вашей доски, так как все доски разной ростовки. Если вы хотите заказать индивидуальный размер виниловой наклейки на сноуборд, для этого необходимо нам сообщите ваше желание, которое оплачивается отдельно.

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