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Помните что это копия, она не будет такого же  высочайшего качества как оригинал доски, поэтому подумайте может стоит подобрать что либо другое. На нашем сайте довольно хороший выбор, так же можно добавить на любой дизайн логотип или какой то элемент с данной доски.

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У вас может быть доска с наклейкой и внешне очень напоминать Never Summer Snowtrooper 2016 Snowboard
Немного описание о доске, для понимания того, на сколько она крутая? и на сколько крут этот дизайн. Сейчас уже нет таких принтов для досок, все изменилось, этот же просто шедевр.

The Never Summer Snowtrooper is the evolution of the SL with blunted tip/tail, slightly more centered stance and different sizing. It’s a really fun do everything kind of board. Not much changed from the 2015 to 2016 Snow Trooper.

In this video we are demoing the 2015 Never Summer Snow Trooper with a different graphic than the production model but the rest of the board is the same.

2016-2015 Never Summer Snowtrooper Review

Size: 156 & 157x
Days:  5+
Conditions: Everything from soft to pretty hard ugly snow.
Riders: James, Tim, Stephen, Peter, Kyle, Jimbo, Mike,
Boots: Burton SLX, Salomon F3.0, Burton Fiend LTD, Nike Lunarendor,
Bindings: Burton Diode
Set Up:  Close to or centered, approx 23″ wide 15 front -9 back. Centered 15 front -15 back approx 23″ wide

First off I have to start by saying that I like the graphics of the production model a lot better than the demo models. I normally don’t comment on graphics but this was pretty cut and dry. Also the new tip and tail look a lot more sexy than the old SL.

Weight: 157 NS Snowtrooper X 6.2 lbs but no board with a wood core weighs the same so take this with a grain of salt.

On Snow Feel:  Same playful semi-stable feel as the SL that makes it an all mountain board that leans more on the more playful freesytle side of all mountain.  For example my ideal Cobra size is 158 and my ideal Snowtrooper size would be the 156.  It’s softer, more buttery and more of a board that likes the park as much as it likes the mountain. It feels fine flat basing and one footing unless the snow gets pretty hard. Then it starts to feel loose. Overall it’s got a very similar personality in most conditions.  It only starts to act like a different board in hard to icy conditions.

Turn Initiation: Nice quick and easy for the 156 and it felt just like the SL did.  Snappy fast and fun from short radius to wide radius turns. Easy but not super easy and all in all it’s not a bad board for turning all day. Nothing super springy and mind blowing but nothing horrible either.

Flex:  Usually in the demo’s Never Summer boards feel stiffer than the production models but this year it didn’t.  It felt soft like the production model of the SL.  It’s easy to butter and press.

Edge Hold: Same edge hold that most NS boards have that helps you hold an edge in most conditions you want to ride.  It’s not really an ice specialist but it can hold an edge in most hard conditions.  It’s not super grabby but it does the job. Never Summers edge hold technology doesn’t grab soft snow so it’s a very versatile grip.

Powder: We didn’t have any powder with the Snowtrooper but have had lot’s of days with the SL and it’s an easy floating board.  Especially when it’s set back. It’s not quite as set back as the old SL that was -20mm which was the same as the Cobra but it’s still got good float.  I’d give the nod to the Cobra but it feels like it might be a little improvement over the SL with the bigger blunted nose/tail.

Carving: So carving wasn’t perfect and it felt a little washy compared to the Cobra and even more so to NS boards with the Ripsaw Camber Profile.  It’s good enough though to have a little fun and it’s fine for the carve/butter/ollie kind of mountain ride that many people like to have. You really have to get your knees wide to get pressure over the tip/tail to hold on more aggressive turns and it doesn’t like a surfy carve as much.

Speed: You got to love the use of rubber in NS boards because they make a board that should feel much more chattery feel less so.  Yeah the nose and tail flop a bit at higher speeds but it just doesn’t feel as bad as other boards that flop like this. The base carries it’s speed well. So it’s no bomber board but handles better than you would think for it’s flex.

Uneven Terrain: Like so many softer flexing NS boards the Snowtrooper handles end of the day weekend resort snow like a champ.  It can also weave in and out of moguls well and provide a forgiving ride. It doesn’t get angry and cause problems with your joints like some boards can.

Switch: Same thing as the SL here.  It doesn’t feel like it should be as good as it is riding switch.  It’s somewhat different riding switch but not as much as you would think. I think it’s because this is pretty close to being a twin and the tip/tail is lifted.

Jumps: It’s got nice pop and a pretty playful spring at the tip/tail.  It’s also a fun board to hit kickers in the park with. The rubbery feel in the board doesn’t feel as snappy as some boards but the result is the same.  It pops just as high.

Jibbing: You know it’s not a jib specialist but it’s very doable for most small to medium jibs.

Pipe: We didn’t get to try the Snowtrooper in the pipe but it felt like it would be fine. Nothing special but forgiving and definitely doable.

Although we prefer the more stiffer slightly more directional mountain friendly Cobra we still really liked the Never Summer Snowtrooper and feel it could definitely fit a wide variety of riders who want a more playful easier ride than the Cobra.  It’s not a favorite but still a very recommendable board.


Размер виниловой наклейки

2000 х 320 мм.

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