Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд Lib Tech Travis Rice Gold Member 2016


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Помните что это копия, она не будет такого же  высочайшего качества как оригинал, поэтому подумайте может стоит подобрать что либо другое. На нашем сайте довольно хороший выбор, так же можно добавить на любой дизайн логотип или какой то элемент с данной доски.

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У вас может быть доска с наклейкой и внешне очень напоминать Lib Tech Travis Rice Gold Member 2016
Немного описание о доске

Best Men’s All-Mountain Snowboards 2015-2016

Words: Scott Yorko

Funky, weird new shapes get everyone’s attention, especially on a highly directional board like the Gold Member with superb effective edge hold that carved like a boss through all kinds of tracked up slush. At around 26 cm in the waist, it’s a bit of a wider board, which was ideal for bigger-footed testers with low stance angles who really like to rail deeply into carves. Some testers found it hooky at low speeds and torsionally stiff, but the camber profile was loose and forgiving, “which is really huge for an intermediate rider looking to step up on some more aggressive terrain,” said one tester.

From the testers: “For edge hold, I wish I could give this a higher score than a 5! Really great performance when laying into deep carves!”

Length (cm) — Sidecut Radius (m) — Waist Width (cm)

155 — 8.1 — 25.8
159 — 8.2 — 25.8
163 — 8.2 — 26.6

Flex: Medium-stiff

Camber: Hybrid (reverse between inserts, camber to tips)

(Flex is not standardized and differs by brand. The rating here is the best estimate of the board’s flex.)

(Sidecut Radius: The measure of how deep or shallow the arc of a board’s edge is from the tips to the middle, in meters. A smaller radius, around six to seven meters means a board will generally turn tighter. As the radius number increases, a board can be expected to make wider turns. Multiple numbers on the same length board means the radius is blended.)

Good Wood 2016 Presented by THE-HOUSE.com

With hundreds of snowboards out there, how do you pick the best deck perfectly suited to the way you ride? Drop into our 2015-2016 Good Wood Board Test for the winning snowboards of the season. Our 18 unique testers spent eight days riding and rating close to 400 boards on the parks and pistes of Winter Park, Colorado, and came to the consensus that these are the best boards. Each tester rides differently, so there’s something to be said when a board stokes all who tried it. New for 2015-2016, we did away with the old price groupings and instead highlighted the two top-scoring boards in each category with the lowest prices and awarded them “Bang for your Buck” badges of approval. Now in its 17th year, our TransWorld SNOWboarding Good Wood Test is the longest running and most prestigious board test on the planet.

How The Boards Are Scored

Shortly after shredding laps on each board, our testers input scores for 12 characteristics that measure each deck on a sliding scale. The Park and All-Mountain scorecards each have different criteria to pinpoint the strengths and weakness of each snowboard. We don’t cut the boards open and examine the details, but the crew may have broken a deck or two… Once the winners are calculated, the testers are long gone, and the cardboard dust has settled from shipping, we package all feedback and send it to the brands involved, which they can use to help make better boards. Go on, dive into the results and see all the winners.

Новая виниловая наклейка для вашей доски – потрясающее решение для тех кто хочет изменить стиль рисунка доски


Размер виниловой наклейки

2000 х 320 мм.

от 399 руб за полноразмерную сноуборд наклейку или на лыжи от самого крупного производителя в России – Компании Royllent

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