Виниловая наклейка на сноуборд 2020 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber


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У вас может быть доска с Виниловой наклейкой  на сноуборд 2020 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber
Немного описание о доске

Board: Arbor Bryan Iguchi Camber

Size: 156

Camber Option: System Camber. Parabolic camber with Griptech sidecut and “fenders” that lift the contact points.

Bindings: Arbor Cypress

Stance: Goofy, 21in wide, 12/-6

Boots: Ride Fuse 8

My Weight: 155lbs

Resort: Brighton

Conditions: 8in of super windblown fresh from overnight.

Flex: Mid flex in the nose and steadily stiffening up as you get towards the tail. Middle of the road for torsional flex.

Stability: Camber with extra grip at your feet and a solid all mountain flex lead to a very stable and power capably ride. Blasting through chunder and late day powder mounds I felt confident and comfortable. The board just cruises.

Ollies/Pop: Solid pop out of the tail. With the shape of the parabolic camber if you run out of space or time and need some quick snap you can actually get some skate style quick pop out of it, but the goodness comes when you load it. It’s not the most boostiful all mountain deck I’ve rideen but it’s plenty enough to put a smile on your face and get you over whatever is in front of you.

Butterability: The tail is take some muscle to get into on both hardpack and soft snow, the nose is more accessible and super fun to lean into in deeper snow. The fenders on the contact are nice cause they get everything out of the way and make sliding around more catch free.

Carving: System camber is a unique feel when carving. It’s a combination of traditional camber and Arbors System Rocker where you start your turn with the Griptech like on rocker, you can pressure you edges and sidecut like on camber, and you generally keep your weight more centered between your feet like rocker. It takes a bit to get used to but once I did you can really drive through the back Griptech contact point and accelerate through the apex. I found it to be a really comfortable and locked in feeling.

Rider in Mind: All mountain freerider who still appreciates the power of full camber.

Personal Thoughts: This was one of my favorite all mountain freeride decks of the year. It floats great, powers through crud really well, and is lively and fun on a groomer. It’s something I could ride as my go to deck on days I’m not planning to ride much or any park. System camber is unique and may not be for everyone, but if you find yourself keeping your weight more centered and usually find rocker dominant decks too loose or lacking on power than this is something to take a good look at.

Comparable Boards: Jones Mountain Twin, Ride Berzerker, Flow Whiteout




Виниловой наклейкой  на сноуборд 2020 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber


от 399 руб за полноразмерную сноуборд наклейку или на лыжи от самого крупного производителя в России – Компании Royllent

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