The soft flexible camber and twin profile makes the Kink a team
favorite. The camber gives the board extra pop for those massive ollies
to get up and over the slow sign. This board is at home on jumps, rails
or in the street. Ask our am team about the durability, the Kink can take
a beating with its Cleave Edge™ steel edges and Roll In Slimewalls®.



Sean Cliver has been a prolific part of keeping the look and feel of
skateboarding’s visual history alive through the constantly changing
markets, social norms, and corporate backlash. With a rich history of
prominent skate graphics in his portfolio, we are excited to bring Cliver
on for the second year in a row to design the 2016/2017 RIDE Kink.
A team inspired board should get a team inspired graphic and that’s
exactly what he created with cartoon characters of various team riders
acting as they would on any normal night of the week at CAMP RIDE.




–– Twin Hybrid Camber
–– Roll In Slimewalls®
–– Foundation™ Core
–– Cleave Edge™ Steel
–– Biaxial Glass
–– Fusion 1500™ Base
–– 2×4 Inserts
–– Flat Kick Tip


Feel – 2/10

*Base colors may vary according to size.