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Ride Helix 2017 Snowboard Rider Review

The 2017 Ride Helix is an Asymmetrical Twin Camber park deck that isn’t afraid to rip the whole mountain. Featuring Ride’s Roll in Slimewalls and a Fusion 4000 sintered base this board is sure to be able to take a beating. From impact on rail and hard landings the 2017 Ride Helix is sure to perform at the top of its class. If your looking for a board with a traditional cambered profile and an aggressive sidecut look no more, the 2017 Ride Helix is your board. Check out Tactics Snow & Skate Team Rider Beau Cummins rip around Mt. Bachelor and hear what he has to say about the 2017 Ride Helix in this Tactics.com snowboard rider review.

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