Every year Jones Snowboards comes out with new tech that changes how their boards ride. Some of these features are spin offs from other brands, some are original designs, and still others are a combination of both. But with Jones, the new tech roll-outs are never gimmicky, and they actually affect how the board rides exactly as described- the Jones Snowboards 2017 line is no exception.


New for next year, Jones is introducing their “spoon” technology. Spoon refers to the scooped out section on the nose and tail of the snowboard. This creates a 3 dimensional, rounded out area on the base under the nose and tail. This lifts the edge areas of the board farther off the snow greatly reducing friction between the board and what you are riding on. With less friction you have better glide so you can more easily keep up your speed in deep snow and on flat sections of your runs.


Spoon also affects how the snowboard turns. It is more of a catch-free ride because the outside contact points are raised up. At the same time, it is easier to initiate your turns because the 3-D base contour allows the board to roll from side to side. Spoon also gives the board better float by reducing the amount of snow that it has to plow through. The contoured base releases snow more effectively allowing the nose to naturally rise up. This puts a lot less strain on your back leg- which is a hell of a good thing when riding powder.

Spoon comes in 4 versions to accommodate the different shapes and profiles of each board.

Spoon 1.0 has a 2mm bevel on the nose and tail and is featured on the Explorer, Discovery, and Prodigy.

Spoon 2.0 has a 4mm bevel on the nose and tail and is featured on the Project X, Aviator, and AirHeart.

Spoon 3.0 has a 7mm bevel on the nose and tail and is featured on the Flagship, Women’s Flagship, and Carbon Flagship.

Spoon 4.0 has a 7mm bevel on the nose and a 4mm bevel on the tail. It also has a 2mm concave on the tail to channel out loose snow and create more speed. 4.0 is featured on the Hovercraft, Ultracraft, and Storm Chaser.


Project X

The Project X is a step up in advanced level freeride and all-mountain snowboard construction. It uses the 2X Textreme carbon fiber layup that shaves off 20 to 30 percent more weight than traditional carbon fiber. It’s a directional twin with mellow Magne-Traction and a progressive side cut that allows the board to turn more smoothly at higher speeds. The Project X will come in one size- a 158!


Ultra Mountain Twin (also in the line for this year- 2016)

The Ultra Mountain Twin is a directional twin freestyle oriented board with camber in the middle of the board and rocker on the nose and tail. The camber gives it extra pop and edge hold while the rocker gives it a looser feel and good float in deep snow. The Ultra Twin differs from the Mountain Twin in that is has Ash Veneer top sheet, a lighter and snappier Power Core construction, and rubber panels along the edges to dampen chatter in firm conditions. It also comes in 3 new sizes: 161W, 162, 164W.



Jones added a new women’s board to their line for 2017- the Airheart. The Airheart is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that excels at high speed carving and jumping. It uses the Power Core construction with camber and rocker, which makes it very light and poppy with good edge hold. The nose and tail have the 2.0 Spoon tech which help keep the contact points from catching and gives the board a more fluid feel when turning. The Airheart also incorporates the rubber dampening system along the edges, an eco-friendly top sheet and it has a full-length carbon fiber layer giving it quicker responsiveness. The Airheart comes in a 146,149, 152.



The Prodigy is a new youth model in the Jones line. It has a directional twin shape, Spoon 1.0 nose and tail and Cam Rock profile (camber in the middle/rocker at the nose and tail). It’s designed to be a fully featured kids board that doesn’t skimp on quality materials. It’s for kids that ride a lot and need a good, high quality snowboard. It is also a little narrower than most kids boards making it easier for kids to learn how to carve. The Prodigy comes in sizes 110, 120, 130, 140.


There is still a full line of splitboards to match up with their solids. The new Jones splitboards will feature Karakorum Ultra Clips, which are anchored in the core of the board instead of going all the way through the base. This makes for a cleaner base profile and cuts down on drag. The Ultra Clips also offer increased compression that holds the splitboard halves together a lot tighter. If you want to know more about the new tech and products from Jones snowboards 2017 line give us a shout- we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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