Best Powder Boards of 2016/2017 – DC Supernatant Review

DC’s Supernatant was born from the ideals of backcountry freestyle rider Devun Walsh and made to hover between the freestyle and powder realms. It has a mid-wide directional shape with a pointy nose and rounded tail that rides best forward, yet doesn’t hinder switch riding. We found the added width to boost buoyancy in deep snow and stabilize at speed, both strong traits considering the board’s short running length. DC’s unique Micro Camber design has a flat profile from binding to binding with 1.5 millimeters of camber through the tip and tail.

Underfoot this board behaved like a regular cambered deck, providing all the power, spring, and stability one would expect from a traditional profile. The center of this board contains DC’s Powder Light core—the lightest they make—consisting of alternating strips of poplar and paulownia wood. DC’s cloak of carbon biax fiberglass and Kevlar stringers gives the board a medium-to-stiff flex (seven out of 10 on DC’s scale) that dampened chatter without limiting power. Our only wish would be for one more size offering for larger riders, but overall this deck is ready to surf through any storm.