Jones Mountain Twin 2022 Snowboard Review | The Snowboard Asylum

Now firmly established as one of the best selling boards on the market, the Mountain Twin has earned itself an enviable reputation as being the perfect all terrain snowboard. Combining state of the art design and construction, Jones has created a snowboard that perfectly blends versatility and performance with a more rider friendly feel. This makes the Mountain Twin the perfect choice for anybody that wants a great snowboard that they can just strap into and be confident that whatever they ride or wherever they ride, they’ve got a board that’s going to take it effortlessly in its stride. To put that in simpler terms, if you’re after a snowboard that you can just jump on, head out and ride absolutely everything on the mountain, a snowboard that’s going to work equally well when you’re taking it easy as it is when you’re pushing, this is the board for you. Last season Jones completely redesigned the Mountain Twin, so for this season it’s just a graphic change, Let’s now take a little bit of a close look at the Mountain Twin.