What is Camber? What is Rocker? Flat? Hybrid Camber? When choosing a snowboard, the most important feature to look at is the camber profile. The bend of your board has the strongest affect on the way it rides, so we made this video to clear up all the jargon and help you find the best profile for you. In general, camber boards are best for aggressive riders because they give you more pop, power, and edge control. Reverse camber (rocker) boards lift the contact points out of the snow for easy edge to edge turning and playful catch free riding. This makes them perfect for beginners, casual riders, and park rats. Flat and hybrid camber boards blend the best of both worlds to give you all around boards for the whole mountain. Still need help? Drop a comment in the box below or call our customer service at 888.450.5060 and we’ll answer your questions ASAP!