At just 15-years old, Hailey Langland already has the kind of control in her riding that makes her look like a season vet, rather than a new-comer just starting her rise. Growing up in the coastal SoCal town of San Clemente, and now living in Lake Elsinore, you might expect her to be more comfortable skating the streets or hacking the lip of a wave at Trestles, but thanks to her father, who got her sliding sideways at age five up at Bear Mountain, she’s brought her talent to snow. Incredibly, just one year after she started riding, she joined the Burton team at age six.

Spending time in Lake Tahoe getting coached as part of the Tahoe Select Snowboard Team certainly helped hone her tricks, but that doesn’t tell the full story. She has an innate style that can’t be taught. The effortless backside lipslide that started off her 2015 Dew Tour slopestyle finals run back in December is a perfect example, as is the classic poke she threw in the midst of her frontside 360 during the same run. She walked away with a third place finish at that event and hoping for an invite to the 2016 X Games in Aspen. Well, she got it.

For wining the 2015 Mammoth Grand Prix slopestyle and her performance at Kimmy Fasani’s Amusment Park, she also earned herself the TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 17 Women’s Rookie Of The Year award.


Hailey Langland about to step on to the Dew Tour 2015 women's slopestyle podium. Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer

Hailey Langland. Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer