GNU Finsanity Snowboard – Review

Mike Olson’s original fin design updated with modern sidecut and a C2 contour to rip the entire mountain. Take the fins off and the Finsanty snowboard is a good times park and all mountain snowboard. Set back stance “set back the clock” fin engagement stance option for surfy powdery early 80s style good times. NEW! ALUMINUM SLASHER FINS! EARLY 80’S INSPIRED GNU GEOMETRIES WITH UPDATED FREESTYLE TECHNOLOGIES REMOVABLE FINS AND SET-BACK STANCE FOR THOSE UNREAL POW DAYS Art by Mike Olson Finsanity Info Graphic Weird Science Image Rocker between your feet combined with radial cambers out to the contact. Freestyle freedom and carving for a more aggressive ride. UNREAL CONTROL BANANA TECHNOLOGY The original all terrain rocker/camber hybrid PATENT #7823892 #8511704 UNREAL EDGE HOLD MAGNE-TRACTION® TURNS ICE INTO POWDER! Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice! Unreal Construction CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold BASE: Sintered TOP: Co-Extruded SIDEWALLS/TIP TAIL: UHMW COMPOSITE: Tri-ax/Bi-ax Made in Usa