CAPiTA Charlie Slasher Snowboard

April 7, 2017 – At Board Insiders we rarely get enough people to agree to give a board over 95, but a 100, it’s only been done a few times. We found the CAPiTA Charlie Slasher to be a perfect powder snowboard. For the full review check this out: CAPiTA Charlie Slasher Review

was $440
now $308

capita charlie slasher snowboard 2016

Antler-camo isn’t the only thing next level about the new CAPiTA Charlie Slasher. This cult favorite has been upgraded with Dynaweave fiberglass and a new Dual Species core for 2015. CAPiTA Charlie Slasher has a 20mm tapered tail that sinks in deep snow, causing the rockered nose to naturally float and transforms tiring powder days into long-lasting, incredible ones.

Do you want to run Charlie as a split-board? Now you can with the all new Touring Core featuring a split-ready ABS sidewall down the centerline. This allows you to split your board for the ascent and still have full ABS sidewalls on the newly exposed sides, eliminating potential water damage and maintaining your board’s structural integrity.

  • Flat with rockered nose
  • Tapered directional shape
  • Medium flex
  • DynaWeave fiberglass
  • Dual Species Touring core with split-ready ABS centerline
  • 2 x 30mm carbon beams
  • Wax Infused Rotation sintered base

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2016 CAPiTA C Slasher Snowboard Review Video RAW:

2016 CAPiTA C Slasher Snowboard Review Video RAW:

2016 CAPiTA C Slasher Snowboard Review Video RAW:

2016 CAPiTA C Slasher Flex Test Video: