Yes, the Goliath is back! The Bataleon Goliath is better than ever too. Bataleon and the triple base tech is mind blowing good, now add sidekick and wow! Check out the review and see what you’re missing this season.

Take a look at the new 2020 Bataleon Goliath Snowboard at S2AS!

The Bataleon Goliath is fan favourite and a best seller here at S2AS, and it’s easy to see why with the way it effortlessly combines all terrain performance with a seemingly intuitive ride. 

The Goliath defines itself by its incredible versatility that allows it to excel on any part of the mountain in all conditions! Featuring the state of the art 3rd generation Freestyle 3BT, a wide flat “centrebase” and two uplifted “sidebases” reduce edge catches, improves turn initiation and allows the snowboard to get up on edge with ease, and now with the added benefit of the amazing sidekick technology which smoothes out uneven snow patches and guarantees more float in the POW!.

Two separate Carbon Stringers run in parallel between the bindings enhancing the performance in the turns and producing more pop off of kickers, but still leaving the nose/tail of the board soft and playful enough for jibbing and presses! Six hollow carbon tubes run internally just inside of the edges to maintain a consistent overall flex pattern as well dramatically improving the board’s ability to hold its edge on the carve but also allow it to comfortably spring from edge-to-edge when charging down the steepest most hardpacked runs your resort has!

Lastly, the high end Hyper glide S sintered provides rapid acceleration finishing off the high-end contruction of this snowboard!

This is the most one of the most versatile snowboards in the Bataleon range, the Goliath offers a powerful reactive ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float, meaning no matter where you’re riding this winter, you will feel in control.      


Freestyle 3BT – The most versatile 3BT Bataleon make, medium uplift with proportional centrebase to sidebase ratio for a dramatic and responsive ride whilst still offering improved float in powder and superb freestyle opportunities

SideKick – Increased sidebase lift after the contact points for smoother turn initiation, more float in powder and greater stability in all terrains, further enhancing the advantages of 3BT

Carbon Stringers  – Two central stringers placed between the feet to stiffen the centre for better edge hold and response, as well as to provide superior dampening when riding at speed, removing those treacherous speed wobbles. However, leaves the tips softer for an overall forgiving ride

Light Core  – A 50/50 split of traditional poplar wood and Swiss paulownia for a fantastic strength to weight ratio

D.R.S.T – Dual Radial Super Tubes technology is six hollow carbon tubes inserted in the board’s core running parallel to the board’s edges allowing for a dramatic reduction in overall weight without affecting stiffness and creating a better transfer of power from your feet to the board for sublime carving potential

TRI AX Laminate – A three-way weave with fibres running every 45 degrees for unbeatable strength and responsiveness whilst remaining beautifully lightweight

Hyper Glide S – A fine tuned sintered base with a high molecular content that’s quick and highly durable