The 2016 Arbor Snowboards line is our most comprehensive collection to date. Among many other highlights, look for a range of new models and sizes, five new series built around the System Camber design, and three new artist collaborations. After 20 years of building snowboards, we’re proud that the 2016 collection stays true to our roots, while exploring the limitless nature of design, the power of alliance, and the fun still built into every turn.

Arbor Snowboards Bryan Iguchi Pro Model 15Bryan Iguchi Pro
Arbor-Snowboards_Cosa-Nostra_15Cosa Nostra
Arbor-Snowboards_Shreddy-Krueger_15Shreddy Krueger
Arbor-Snowboards_Sin-Nombre_15Sin Nombre
Arbor-Snowboards_Coda-Rocker_15Coda Rocker
Arbor-Snowboards_Coda-Camber_15Coda Camber
Arbor-Snowboards_Swoon-Rocker_15Swoon Rocker
Arbor-Snowboards_Swoon-Camber_15Swoon Camber
Arbor-Snowboards_Element-Premium_15Element Premium
Arbor-Snowboards_Element-Black_15Element Black
Arbor-Snowboards_Element-Mini_15Element Mini
Arbor-Snowboards_Westmark-Rocker_15Westmark Rocker
Arbor-Snowboards_Westmark-Camber_15Westmark Camber
Arbor-Snowboards_Zygote-Twin_15Zygote Twin

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series was created to commemorate 20 years of Arbor and our initial practice of using the same wood topsheet across all of our shapes. A platform that helped established the Arbor look, this Series brings together six of our most popular shapes as a collection. Each of the six shapes will be offered in two or three sizes. Each offering will be produced in a limited 95-piece production run. Every board will be made with a premium, sustainably sourced Palisander Wood Power Ply and matching base. The design, in the best Arbor tradition, gives each and every snowboard produced a “one-of-a-kind” wood grain finish. Combined in this matched collection, the individual shapes stand out as a unique convergence of function and style.

Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Relapse_15Relapse – Heritage
Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Sin-Nombre_15Sin Nombre – Heritage
Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Zygote-Twin_15Zygote Twin – Heritage
Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Coda-Rocker_15Coda Rocker – Heritage
Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Swoon-Rocker_15Swoon Rocker – Heritage
Arbor-Snowboards_Heritage-Series_Westmark-Rocker_15Westmark Rocker – Heritage