If that ain’t good enough (and it is) we just had our WWSRA 2017 show here in P-land. This gives us a first look at all the goodies we are going to get to play with in 2017…and of course, we want to share the stoke with our SBF family.

There is a LOT to cover and we have hundreds of images to go through so this post will be an ongoing project.

Here is a little appetizer.

Jones put out a beautiful line. Here is the upcoming Aviator.

Salomon has a new top of the line boot called the Hi Fi. It uses an incredible TPU external support back…and there will be a WIDE Model.

Thought the last years Never Summer West was great looking?

A company calling itself Burton showed up with some gear. Here is the new FA.

Advanced Candy from NOW.

Flux has radically reconfigured their high end. The XV sits on top for 2017.

Arbor says Bryan Iguchi has a Rockered pro model on the way. Oh, yeah!

Flow completely redesigned their Straps for all models NX2 GT through Five. This is a HUGE improvement with the straps setting a new high bar for those in the padded strap camp. So well done and cushy. You have to feel them. New all aluminum ratchets and ratchet locks at the high end. Bomber feeling in hand.

Gnu Billy Goat. Yup.

Rome has an incredible new model (D.O.D.) and made major changes to the Targa and Katana lines. Rome looks epic for 2017!

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