First Look – Snowboard Gear 2016-2017

Team WL is once again out in La Clusaz at Avant Premier, the first major testing event for 2016/2017 snowboard gear. It’s a chance to peer into the future and put the latest snowboards, bindings and goggles through their paces in a fine French resort.

Just about every major brand in snowboarding is here, and the showroom is absolutely stacked with fresh goodies. Throw a rock and you’ll most likely hit something worth a look; new releases, revamped classics, weird shapes or eye-catching graphics.

There’ll be plenty more board tests running throughout the winter, so look out for one near you if any of these are to your liking. In the meantime, here’s a rundown on what to expect this autumn:

686 Snowboard Outerwear 2016-2017


Amplid Paradigma Snowboard 2016-2017

Amplid UNW8 Snowboard 2016-2017

Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Snowboard 2016-2017

Arbor Clovis Snowboard 2016-2017


Bataleon The One Snowboard 2016-2017

Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Mervin Manufacturing (home of Lib Tech and Gnu) are making a big push with their bindings this year. The Bent Metal range combines classic features like the clever forward lean block and aluminium heel cup with some cutting edge lightweight straps and highbacks.

Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017


Burton Branch Manager Snowboard 2016-2017

Burton Danner Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2016-2017

Burton Lexa Women’s Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Burton Starstruck Women’s Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Burton Talent Scout Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

CAPiTA x Spring Break Tree Hunter Snowboard 2016-2017

Colour Wear Snowboard Outerwear 2016-2017

Deeluxe Choice Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Deeluxe Deemon Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Deeluxe Original Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Deeluxe Spark Snowboard Boots 2016-2017


Drake DF2 Snowboard 2016-2017

Drake Reload Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Drake Super Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017


Endeavor Guerrilla Snowboard 2016-2017

Endeavor Ozzy Osborne Snowboard 2016-2017

“Sharrooooooon! I’m on a snowboard!”

FIX Magnum Bindings 2016-2017

Flow Aero Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Flow Helios Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Flow Hylite Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Flow Tracer Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Gnu B-Nice Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Gnu Forest Bailey Headspace Snowboard 2016-2017

Jones Explorer Snowboard 2016-2017

Jones Flagship Snowboard 2016-2017

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard 2016-2017

This year’s ever-popular Mountain Twin features artwork by Manchester based street-turned-landscape artist RP Roberts. You can get yourself a bespoke canvas commissioned with the mountain of your choice over at

K2 87 Snowboard 2016-2017

K2 Cinch Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

K2 Cool Bean Snowboard 2016-2017

K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

K2 Party Platter Snowboard 2016-2017 & K2 Bottle Rocket Snowboard 2016-2017

Loved the idea of the Cool Bean last year but didn’t want to pay out for a quiver board? The K2 Party Platter promises to give that same short ‘n’ wide fun feeling to the mountain every day, rather than just those Japow-deep ones…

Lib Tech Swiss Knife Snowboard 2016-2017


Lobster Eiki Helgason Pro Snowboard 2016-2017

Never Summer Funslinger Snowboard 2016-2017

Never Summer Snow Trooper Snowboard 2016-2017

Nidecker Axis Snowboard 2016-2017

Nidecker Escape Snowboard 2016-2017

Nitro Diablo Snowboard 2016-2017

Nitro Faint TLS Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Nitro Phantom Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Nitro Poison Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Nitro Search & Destroy Snowboard 2016-2017

Nitro Team TLS Snowboard-Boots 2016-2017

Nitro Venture TLS Bryan Fox Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Nitro Victoria WOmen’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Nobile Burst Snowboard 2016-2017

Nobile Youth LOL Snowboard 2016-2017

Northwave TF2 Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Northwave TF3 Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

NOW Brigade Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

NOW Drive Jeremy Jones Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

NOW IPO Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

NOW Pilot Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Ride Burnout Snowboard 2016-2017

Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Ride Fuse Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Ride Ninety Two Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Ride Timeless Snowboard 2016-2017

We called it!


Rome Buckshot Snowboard 2016-2017

Rome DOD Do Or Die Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Rome Folsom Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Rome Libertine Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Rome MT Snowboard 2016-2017

Rome Targa Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard 2016-2017

Rossignol Trickstick Snowboard 2016-2017

Roxy XOXO Women’s Snowboard 2016-2017

Salomon Assassin Snowboard 2016-2017

Salomon HiFi Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Salomon Hologram Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Salomon Rumble Fish Snowboard 2016-2017

Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard 2016-2017

Slash Spectrum Snowboard 2016-2017

Smith Goggles & Helmets 2016-2017

Stepchild Steazy Rider Snowboard 2016-2017

Switchback Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017


Switchback Eiki Helgason Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Thirty Two Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Thirty Two PAS Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Thirty Two Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Thirty Two TM-Two Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Thirty Two Womens Boa Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Thirty Two Womens Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Union Ultra FC Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017


Vans Aura Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Vans Ferra Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Vans Sequal Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

Vans V66 Snowboard Boots 2016-2017

One of Vans’ most popular boots gets a makeover to make it even sexier. Treat yer feet right!

Verdana DJ VIII Snowboard 2016-2017

Verdana Marley’s Tropical Storm Snowboard 2016-2017

Volcom Stave Women’s Snowboard Jacket & Volcom Battle Women’s Leather Snowboard Pants 2016-2017

Volcom Bryan Iguchi Snowboard Outerwear 2016-2017

Bryan Iguchi‘s pro model jacket for next year comes with this gilet that, as well as adding a little extra warmth and style, stashes a lightweight shovel and probe. Never have the “do I pack a pack?” dilemma again – you’re already wearing it!

Volcom Terje Haakonsen Hiking Boots 2016-2017

Volcom Snowboard Outerwear 2016-2017

Volcom x B4BC Collab Women’s Snowboard Outerwear 2016-2017

Volkl Pace Snowboard 2016-2017

Volkl XBreed Snowboard 2016-2017

West AMKA Snowboard 2016-2017

West La Hache Snowboard 2016-2017

YES 20/20 Snowboard 2016-2017

YES Basic 2016-2017

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